1751 Savage Road, Richmond, BC

covid safety

Like so many small businesses across the province, Total Soccer is eager to resume activities. But we also understand that it’s paramount for us to do so with safety at the forefront of our operations. Total Soccer has spent over 2 decades developing a reputation in excellence. We expect to apply that same commitment to safety while continuing to infuse our sessions with creativity and energy so the players can still enjoy their soccer.

Total Soccer has put together this safety plan to outline the protocols that will be taken by our organization this fall. We encourage you to read it over thoroughly.


indoor space and air ventilation

While the Total Soccer Centre is an indoor building, the sheer size of the facility provides far greater security than most indoor spaces with respect to COVID-19. The size of the playing area alone is 11,760 square feet with 30 foot ceilings. That equates to 352,800 cubic feet of space.Total Soccer limits the number of players to 28 per training time spot, plus up to 6 instructors. That works out to 10,376 cubic feet of space per person. Putting that in the context of the school classroom, most classrooms would be in the range of 700 square feet with 8 foot ceilings, amounting to 5600 cubic feet. If you were to conservatively estimate 20 people per classroom, that’s 280 cubic feet per person. So when doing a comparison, a school classroom has approximately 280 cubic feet of space per person whereas the Total Soccer Centre has 10,376 cubic feet per person. That’s just over 37 times the size of space. Measuring cubic feet is relevant for indoor spaces during COVID-19 because having more volume of space amounts to less air that’s directly shared between occupants.


Air circulation is also a vital component of indoor safety. It’s important to have indoor air regularly refreshed with outdoor air.Total Soccer keeps its large bay doors open at all times, as well as the exit doors on the opposite end of the playing area, allowing for better airflow. The HVAC system on the roof will also be continually venting indoor air to the outside. We want training at the Total Soccer Centre to be as close to being outside as possible while still sheltering players and instructors from the elements.

Total Soccer also enlisted the services of ABM Environmental to conduct a thorough air quality and ventilation assessment of our soccer facility. All the recommendations were completed to ensure we were maximizing the safety of the facility.




The entire Total Soccer Centre treated by ZeroBlast. This is a local company that applies a mechanical treatment to surfaces so microbes can not survive for 90 days. Yes, it sounds almost too good to be true but ZeroBlast has been around for 10 years and service many businesses and organizations including the City of Richmond, Four Seasons Hotel, Jericho Tennis Club, University of Texas, Boston University, and even FC Dallas from the MLS. See the VIDEO of them blasting Total Soccer.


what to expect when arriving

Please ensure that you are ready to enter the facility 5 minutes before the session begins but no earlier. Players will enter through the bay doors just to the right of the main entrance. Your instructor will direct you to the spot where you can put your things.

sick players not allowed to attend
There are strict rules at Total Soccer to not attend training sessions if you are feeling sick in anyway. That rule extends to instructors as well. Parents will be continually reminded of this rule throughout our programming. In the event that a player is showing any signs of sickness, the player will be asked to sit out and the parent will be contacted to remove the player from the field.
staggered entry and exit
To ensure that people are not congregating in the facility, training times will have a 15 minute gap. Players are asked to NOT enter the facility until 5 minutes before the session to allow for existing players to exit. Similarly, players will be asked to leave the facility as soon as their session is over. The large bay door will be open to facilitate more avenues for entry and exit.
no spectators in facility
For now, we are not allowing any spectators in the Total Soccer Centre. Parents are asked to drop off their kids and not enter the facility. The good news is that we will be LIVE STREAMING the training sessions so you can see them on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.
sanitize when entering and exiting
Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available throughout the Total Soccer Centre. All players will be required to use the sanitizer as they enter and exit the building. While hand washing may be preferable, having that number of participants using the washroom sinks after the training session simply isn’t feasible.


what to expect in the facility

There will be a collection of rules while the players are in the facility. We encourage you to go over them with your child. Total Soccer instructors will also be going over the protocols will all the players.

physical distancing
Everyone, including instructors, must continue to physically distance from one another in the facility. 6 feet is the minimum but 8 -10 is better. There will invariably be times when distances are breached but that should just be for fleeting moments.
mandatory masks
All players are required to wear a mask. This includes all Total Soccer instructors. Now you may be thinking: "soccer in a mask? Yikes." But firstly, rather than bring your own mask, Total Soccer will be providing each player (at not cost) a highly breathable Dropgard Athletica sport mask valued at $44.95. Secondly, wearing masks in our indoor facility is not new. We've now run countless training sessions at our indoor facility with the players in masks. We've learned how to tailor the sessions so the players stay comfortable. See videos
1 person in washroom at a time
There are 3 washrooms at the Total Soccer Centre, one of which is handicap accessible and only allows for one occupant at a time. The other 2 washrooms allow for multiple occupants. Total Soccer restricts those washrooms to one occupant at a time. Every washroom has now been installed with a lock so the occupant should lock the door behind them when using the washroom. We are also asking everyone to please close the toilet lid before flushing.
cover coughs and sneezes
All coughs and sneezes must be covered by the elbow - regardless of wearing a mask.


what to expect while training

During this phase, TSS is limited to “physical distance training” where players will have to be separated from one another by at least 6 feet. This is mandated by BC Soccer through the provincial health authorities. This means we are not currently allowed to engage in any activities such as 1v1, 2v2, etc. We’re hopeful that may change in the fall.

physical distance training
Training activities will concentrate on individual ball mastery skills or passing patterns where distances can be maintained. All these activities will be conducted at a good tempo while ensuring the players get maximum enjoyment and technical benefit.
numbers reduced
We will be limiting indoor sessions to a maximum of 24 players in the entire playing area. This works out to 490 square feet per player.
no touching equipment
Only Total Soccer instructors are allowed to touch the equipment, which includes cones, soccer balls, goals, and foam dividers. The players are only allowed to touch the soccer balls with their feet.
distance water breaks
When players take water breaks during the training sessions, it’s important that they don’t congregate in the same area. Total Soccer uses hula hoops as a way to mark areas where each player can house their water bottle and remain appropriately distanced from others. Players will remain inside their hula hoop when taking a break.