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We've put together a variety of information to help you better understand Total Soccer - how we do things and why we do things. In addition, you will find some important documents covering a wide range of areas.  

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Over the years we have penned a few articles, sharing our thoughts on soccer development and other soccer-related things. Have a look through some of prose .... Read more
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Since Total Soccer opened in 1997, we have been helping young players develop in the game around the Lower Mainland. The Blueprint for Development captures our beliefs and methodologies.... Read more
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We've put together a number of frequently asked questions to help provide more information on our academy. We will continue to add to the list as you ask us more good questions.... Read more


Skill Acquisition in the Girls Game
Are enough young female players getting the required skill instruction and acquisition to play soccer at a proficient level, let alone elite level? When you watch your daughter play the game, is she aimlessly kicking the ball when confronted with pressure or is she trying to solve the problem by deftly escaping pressure through dribbling or by passing to open teammates? To begin with, it’s impossible to properly answer that question unless you have an adequate sense of what the game is supposed to look like...Read more