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TSS Publishes its Blueprint for Development

TSS is pleased to announce its Blueprint for Development. After endless discussions around the boardroom table, impromptu touch line debates, long car rides into Washington State, watching the professional game, watching TSS teams play, watching other teams play, social media exchanges, trial and error, repeat - the evolution of the TSS Blueprint for Development was not a short ride. This document is about helping our youth players develop in the game. More specifically, it's about the Canadian youth soccer player. That's where we work. Canada has its own unique variables.

“This was an exhaustive undertaking,” says TSS Girls Director Brendan Quarry. “Capturing these principles in a clear, succinct manner will hopefully help our organization build more congruency in what we do."

The principles and views covered in this Blueprint have certainly not developed in a vacuum. Many insights have been gleaned from other organizations and federations who have vast experience and knowledge in player development. The Long Term Player Development (LTPD) plan published by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) is also a document that has helped TSS gain more clarity in the approach taken. It’s the belief and intention of TSS that the Blueprint for Development is supportive and complementary to the CSA Long Term Development Plan.

Since TSS continues to provide supplementary training to over 500 players a year in BC through TSS Academy, this Blueprint for Development will also be infused into those training sessions. In other words, this document is not solely for TSS FC (the TSS full-time program), though there’s a greater chance of impacting those players given the volume and frequency of training provided.

TSS also recognizes that any development plan or approach will have little effect without the ability or the will to monitor and educate those assigned to teach our players. As a smaller soccer organization, this responsibility is more manageable but accountability and vigilance is required nonetheless.

“This blueprint does not end now that its published,” says Boys Director Colin Elmes. “On the contrary, this Blueprint now gives us a better ability to continually monitor our approach to ensure we are complying with these set of beliefs.”

Lastly, it must be made clear that this Blueprint for Development is a document intended solely to help TSS in becoming a better, more accountable soccer organization. It’s also to help the families who attend TSS to better understand the development approach taken. It is not the intention of this document to instruct others how to develop youth soccer players. TSS appreciates and respects that there will be different views on this subject. If the document spurs healthy conversations in the soccer community, those conversations are welcome. After all, some of the views presented here were also a result of the countless conversations that have taken place with the many passionate youth soccer contributors who reside in the soccer clubs and academies across BC and the country.